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By the Rock River

Pam and Rusty Dudley have been living and creating alongside the Rock River for over 25 years; clothing, furniture, gardens, homegoods, jewelry and more.


Pam has been making jewelry in her own free form style since the late 70's. She has also enjoyed working with all kinds of textiles for family use as well as for sale. As Pam's work included more re-upolstering of furniture Rusty became involved with the construction and repair of items.


Together they have developed a passion for re-purposing objects from their once practical purpose to a clever new one. Pam thinks outside the box when viewing a newly found item and Rusty helps to bring it to life with his mechanical and wood-working skills.


Recently their son Lew has put his attention to creating a line of jewelry for sale called Twisted. 


Enjoy the creations from alongside the Rock River in southern Vermont!

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